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Students Present Business Plans to Entrepreneurs

Literacy and composition students presented their business plans to community members May 26 at the Falcon Homeschool Program. Panel members included small business owners, a college professor, a college student, and a building administrator. “It’s an amazing opportunity for high schoolers to embark on an entrepreneurial journey,” said Tony Lee, owner of Jaks Brewing Co., who was on the panel.

The business ideas ranged from selling hand-made, customizable dog treats to offering personal styling. Beyond the identification of a problem, the plans included a website, logo, slogan and business cards. Students presented to the panel, who then offered advice. “They worked hours on this,” said Kim Fajardo, literacy and composition teacher. “We wanted to make sure they got the feedback.”

Fajardo explained that the activity’s purpose was to allow students to explore real-world writing. “I’m so proud of them,” she said. 

Kayla Maldonado