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Students, Parents Learn About Concurrent Enrollment

Parents and high school students gathered inside the Creekside Success Center Sept. 15 to learn about earning college credit in high school. Families visited with school counselors and attended information sessions lead by the district and Pikes Peak Community College.

Paul Finch, teacher and coordinator of concurrent enrollment, reported that three fourths of jobs in the state of Colorado will require some post-secondary training by the year 2020. He explained to families that the district’s program focuses not only on college pathways, but career pathways that require college.

 “What we like to ask the students is, ‘what do you want to do?’ Not ‘do you want to go to college?’” he said.

Finch explained the benefits of the program, including free tuition and acquiring soft skills, like self-advocacy, to help students adjust to college life.

Sophomore Amanda Tircuit is earning college credit in one of Finch’s classes at Sand Creek High School. During an information session, she explained her initial hesitancy to try the course, but noted that students have a two week trial period to drop the class if it doesn’t suit them.

“I really enjoy it,” she said. “I suggest doing it.”

The Creekside Success Center, located at 3850 Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs, is also adjacent to Sand Creek High School.

The entire second floor of the building will host Pikes Peak Community College courses starting in the spring semester. Students can easily walk over to attend courses built into their schedules. Students from the other district high schools can drive to the center to attend their courses as well.

Sand Creek High School Principal Ron Hamilton explained that concurrent enrollment “…represents initiative and drive to direct [students’] futures while still in high school.”

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Paul Finch, teacher and coordinator of concurrent enrollment, leads a presentation.
Parents and high school students took home information Sept. 15  during District 49’s concurrent enrollment open house.  
Kayla Maldonado