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Krammes Earns First FEF Grant for FHEP

Heather Krammes Heather Krammes, a science and social studies teacher in the Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program, receives a mini grant Nov. 13, ahead of a monthly board meeting in District 49.

Krammes was awarded $550 from the Falcon Education Foundation for her “Wind Turbines” project. She’ll obtain six wind turbine kits to teach sustainability.

“We live in a great place to talk about the power of renewable energy, especially wind,” said Krammes in her grant application.

“I want to build wind turbines with my students not only so they can see how nature's power can be used in sustainable ways, but I would also love to show them how we can power things in our building with these wind turbines. … There is no better way to teach, than to have real life, hands on experiences that foster a deeper understanding of content.”

FEF awarded a record 27 mini grants this year, totaling $24,573, including the homeschool program’s first award.

Dustin Senger