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RMCA Breaks Ground for New Building

RMCA Groundbreaking Sixteen students help break ground Sept. 27 during a Rocky Mountain Classical Academy ceremony in Colorado Springs. In 2006, the students helped form the first kindergarten class at the K-8 charter school, authorized by Falcon School District 49. The school's new 92,000-square-foot facility, part of a $17.1-million project funded through the sale of corporate bonds, is expected to finish in August 2014 using a 12-acre lot near Antelope Ridge Drive and Barnes Road. Continued construction projects will eventually yield a 110,000-square-foot facility. Christianna Fogler, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy chief administrative officer, called it a community-centric design that includes lots of open areas and natural lighting. The school will gain a sports field, gymnasium and theater, as well as expansions to its library and art room. It currently educates about 1,000 students, a number that may comfortably increase to nearly 1,300 with its new facility. District 49 is absorbing 90 percent of the annual growth in the Colorado Springs area, according to district officials.
Dustin Senger