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Annual Health & Wellness Expo

Skyview Middle School hosted it's annual Health and Wellness Expo on Friday, March 16th. The health expo is full of information and educational presentations including hands-on experience for students to participate in. 


The Health and Wellness Expo touched every student at Skyview. The objective of the expo is to promote a variety of health and wellness topics to students. Each student attended three presentations during their enrichment periods. 


Presenters and topics included were: The Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs SWAT Team, Fuel Up to Play60, Peak Krav Maga, Hot on Yoga, Mindfulness, a health and wellness coach, and a presentation on marijuana.


"The day was a success and Skyview looks to host this event for years to come!" said, Anthony Marino, physical education teacher at SMS. 


students at health expo  

Brooke Hand, 13, seventh-grade and Kristin Wheeler, 12, seventh-grade participate and practice self defense during the SMS Health and Wellness Expo. 

students at health expo

Rebecca Cunningham, 13, seventh-grade and Arianna Rushing, 13, seventh-grade practice self defense moves during the SMS Health and Wellness Expo. 

Tammy Kosley