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New Eaglets Soar Into Skyview

Acyrah West (left) and Makayla Swanhart get to know each other.

The newest class of students flew into Skyview Middle School Aug. 1. The first day of school for sixth graders started by entering a tunnel lined with teachers rooting on the kids. For some parents, it marked a milestone. “Evan is my last one,” shared Katherine Brownsberger. “Even my high school daughter came to send him off this morning.”

Evan Brownsberger, 11, is coming to Skyview Middle School from Banning Lewis Ranch Academy. For him, it’s a time for making new friends. “I’m really excited! I’ll meet more people at school,” stated Evan.

Seventh and eighth grade WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) leaders were onsite to lend a helping hand. The upperclassmen helped organize activities for the students to get to know one another. Activities included interactive games and songs to build energy and excitement for the day.

“I feel good about starting middle school. It’s going to be a good experience,” said Dallin Romney, 11. “I’ll have many teachers instead of just one, and I won’t have to be in elementary school like my sisters.”

Skyview Middle School staff were looking forward to bringing new kids into the SMS Eagles’ nest. “I’m excited to see everybody back,” shared Rachel McPeek, sixth grade social studies teacher. “It’s another year with everybody together.”

Catherine Tinucci, SMS principal, was part of the team helping the sixth graders feel comfortable at their new school. “My advice for sixth graders is to be the best version of yourself, make lots of friends and give school 100%,” Ms. Tinucci said. “Know that we are extremely happy you are here.”

After opening festivities in the gym, students enjoyed lunch, followed by quick visits to their individual classes.

By the end of the day, students were ready to begin life as a middle schooler. “I feel nervous, but excited,” shared NaErah Dixon, 11. “Me too!” added her friend, Naiomi Clayton, 11.

Caleb Gomez is welcomed to Skyview Middle School.  . Upperclassmen welcome sixth graders at Skyview Middle School.  . Malcolm Campbell, student teacher, is excited for the first day at Skyview Middle School.  

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