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Caps and Gowns Inspire Excellence for SMS Students

High school seniors walk the halls of SMS May 17. Members of the Sand Creek High School Class of 2017 visited elementary and middle schools in caps and gowns May 17 to thank former teachers and inspire younger students.

Walking in parades down school hallways, more than 150 graduating seniors were met with applause, congratulations, celebration and words of affirmation from staff and students.

At Remington Elementary School, the graduates began the parade by passing under a banner with "congratulations" on it while Pomp and Circumstance" played over the intercom system.

Some of the young studentes gave high fives while others shook hands or waved signs. "Congratulations," said one young student. "Good luck in college," yelled another.

"It makes me excited for high school," said Adam Velasquez, 13, Skyview Middle School seventh-grader. "To see them about to graduate, it helps me know I can do it."

The SCHS students visited SMS because some of the students attended the POWER Zone school due to overcrowding concerns Horizon Middle School faced at the time. More classroom space has been made available and all Sand Creek Zone students are now zoned for HMS.

"They're high schoolers. They've been through a lot and have had a lot of homework," said Adam. "They made it. They are one step closer to college and real life."

High school seniors walk the halls of SMS in caps and gowns May 17.   Adam Velazquez, 13, high fives seniors in caps and gowns May 17.

"Many of them have been more emotional than they expected," said Lauren Stuart, SCHS math instructor and student council sponsor, who coordinated the event. 

The seniors carried miniature diplomas to hand to former teachers. The diplomas thanked the teacher for making their success possible.

"It's easy to forget teachers. We shouldn't do that. I learned a lot from them," said Derek Russell, 17, handing the mini diplomas to two Horizon Middle School teachers. "I want to thank them for being really important in my life and the profound impact they've had."


Matt Meister