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PowerPass: D49 partners with Pikes Peak Library District

PowerPass HomewoodDistrict 49 is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) to provide students with access to library materials with a program called PowerPass.  Through this partnership with PPLD, your student can have a direct link to PPLD materials as of Monday, April 25, 2022. District 49 prioritizes access to instructional resources that impact both literacy growth and achievement. PowerPass offers a valuable collaboration for our students, families, and librarians within district operated schools. Additionally, PowerPass is aligned with District 49’s Primary literacy Initiative by engaging with parents and the community in Literacy Improvement Efforts and supplementing library collections to enhance learning.

What is a PowerPass?  

PowerPass is a student e-library card from PPLD, that gives your child access to the Pikes Peak Library District’s online resources like homework help and live tutoring. They can also access SAT preparation, eBooks, music and movie downloads, and much more. 

PowerPass allows students to check out five (5) physical items at a time from any of the 15 PPLD locations and mobile library services. Just visit to find the location near you.  

For students in D49 operated schools, here are some Fast Facts about how to access and check out PPLD’s resources using PowerPass:  

  1. The student’s login will be “D49” plus their student “ID number.”  EXAMPLE: A student with the ID number of “12345,” their login would be “D4912345.” 
  2. The student’s PowerPass pin number will be the two-digit month and two-digit day of their birthdate.
    EXAMPLE: For a student whose birthday is July 31, 2006, the pin number would be 0731. 
  3. Student cards have the profile of the STUDENT.
  4. Students are allowed to check out five items and have five holds at a time. However Interlibrary Loans are not permitted on these accounts.
  5. Student accounts can access eLibrary and Research resources as well as PCs in the libraries.
  6. Student accounts are blocked at $10 which prevents further checkouts of physical materials.
  7. For questions contact: Stacey Franklin, Coordinator of Literacy Performance (

PowerPass RescueWe encourage students to use their PowerPass for projects, school assignments, homework, and fun! Just go to or visit our eLibrary (, PPLD Teens (, or PPLDKids ( Once you have found the items you want, click on My Account and use the instructions above to login and check out your items.  For more information about what is available to your child, please visit

We are thrilled to partner with PPLD to provide access to library resources with PowerPass for all D49 students. As a district, we are committed to engaging with parents and the community in literacy improvement efforts. This access will broaden opportunities and eliminate barriers for student learning.


Stacey Franklin

Coordinator of Literacy Performance