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FHEP Playground has New Home for Kids to Monkey Around

Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program students enjoyed recess on their playground equipment for the first time in its new home Sept. 5. The playground was moved from the homeschool program’s old location on Mohawk Drive to its current site beside Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy Aug. 31. Mulch was installed only hours before kids had the chance to play.


Kids were eager to go outside once they heard the playground was open for business. “The monkey bars are my favorite,” shared Autumn Fields, 8, third grader. “I like it because my dad helped build it.” Her schoolmate, Jack Roland, 6, first grader, was quick to add, “I like doing tricks on the monkey bars!”


The playground equipment was made possible for the Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program through a grant in August 2013. “It’s not just a playground,” said Tamela Verlare, second and third grade teacher. “We all worked really hard to get it. It’s home now.”


After the enrichment program moved to a new facility this school year, it was essential to students, staff and families that their playground move too. “This playground is part of our DNA,” stated Jessica McAllister, principal, Falcon Homeschool Program.


Madeline Chumbley, 5, kindergartner, climbs to the top to meet classmate Autumn Fields, 8, third grader, on the playground at  . Tait Swalls, 6, first grader, creates a racket on the slide of the playground at the Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program’s f

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