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Seniors Rule the Field in Powder Puff Game at Vista Ridge High School

Senior girls beat freshman and junior classes in the traditional powder puff football game Sept. 27 at Vista Ridge High School. After two games, seniors were the victors over all classes and juniors came in second place. VRHS Powder Puff Game


“We haven’t had any practice, we’re just going to wing it,” said Arianna Russell, 16, junior at Vista Ridge High School. “We’re super hyped up this powder puff game!”


 “It’s fun because it’s super competitive,” said Alexis Silvey, 17, junior. “It starts off normal but we really get into it.”


The students wore special class colors for the game. Seniors wore pink, juniors in purple, sophomores donned blue and the freshmen were green. Proud parents and faculty watched on as the girls were coached by male football players in strategies to beat the opposing class. Seniors beat the freshman class and moved on to play the juniors who won against the sophomores.


“Powder puff and peach fuzz is a tradition,” said Matt Sisson, assistant principal at VRHS. “It gives students the opportunity to experience a different sport and even with the rain today the students came out to support one another and be a part of this tradition.”


During the final game, seniors pushed hard to beat the juniors for final victory through the cold rain.


“This was my first year playing,” said Kaley Tubbs, 18, senior at VRHS. “It’s pretty fun being out here with the girls!”


VRHS Senior girls get ready for powder puff  VRHS girls play powder puff football  VRHS powder puff game

Samantha Dosen