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VRHS Students And Staff Bond During "Challenge Day"

Vista Ridge High School students and staff participated recently in "Challenge Day" workshops. The workshop is an experiential social and emotional learning program that offers schools an opportunity to ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, empathy, and inclusivity.


“I think it empowers our students to have a voice and it empowers our students to really say we can make a difference in our school,” said Bruce Grose, principal, “and make this the best school that they can possibly make it.”


The Challenge Day program has been shown to reduce teasing and bullying. They also teach students about peaceful conflict resolution and inspire teens and adults to work together as forces for positive change in their community and their world.


“It was fun getting to connect with people I didn't normally talk to you and get to connect with,” said twelfth-grader Sarah Riley 17,  “and knowing that everyone has gone through similar things that I have and that no one is ever really alone in anything they do.”




Amy Bremser