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Districts Unite to Help High School Students Find Career Paths

Districts Unite to Help High School Students Find Career Paths

District 49 and School District 11, hosted a college and career fair Sept. 14, at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. High school students from both districts attended the event, with the opportunity to meet with local businesses and other organizations to learn more about different career paths and opportunities.

“This is such an awesome event because we’re able to reach so many young kids and expose them to the Air Force Academy and ROTC,” said Major Marc Holum, United States Air Force. “Even those who live close may not fully understand what we do and how they can fit in.”

Several hundred students attended the event, meeting with military, college and trade industry representatives.

“My favorite part is getting to meet the representatives who are willing to tell me what they do and what I can do to enter their field and what to expect,” said Darian Taylor, 17, a senior at Vista Ridge High School.

“This career fair gives students the opportunities to see what’s out there in the world and to explore options,” said Milithza McNeil, family and consumer science teacher at Patriot High School. “They’re able to see what’s out on the horizon.”

Also in attendance were students and staff from District 49’s Patriot High School construction, culinary and art programs, some of which are new programs offering students vocational paths upon high school graduation.

“I got into the construction program when I was a sophomore, it was just a class at first, but I learned to really love the construction program and my teacher and peers,” said David Avdem, 17, a senior at Patriot High School. “We started working on projects that really interested me because it was sitting in a chair all day with paperwork. Made me feel like I was really doing something and I’m really excited for what comes after high school.”


David sitting at construction booth for PHS  Marc Holum speaking to students  Art Booth- PHS


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