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Vista Ridge High School Students, Staff Welcome Newest Wolves

Vista Ridge High School opened its doors for ninth grade students to begin the new school year Aug. 1. The festivities were hosted by not only staff, but “alphas” or student leaders, as well. Besides lending a helping hand to the pack by providing tours of the school, the alphas had advice to offer the school’s newest students.

Austin Armstrong lights up on his first day at VRHS.

“Once you are older, you don’t want to look back and wish you could change things,” shared Mae Alexander, 17, twelfth grader. “Don’t slack off.”

The newest VRHS wolves were taking note on their first day. “It’s intimidating and scary, but I’m excited because I am already making new friends,” said Alana Murri, 14.

The day included useful information for new students to get a handle on their high school career including ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) and graduation requirement details. By the end of the day, many ninth graders were ready to get going. “My classes are spread out, so I might get lost,” stated Leia Cronin, 14. “But, I can’t wait to get started!”

Teachers had their own spin on showing the new students how high school can be fun. Math and science teachers organized CO2 car races during lunch. Students had the chance to race each other and get a sample taste of what they might be learning about at VRHS.

“We want to encourage kids and show them that science in high school can be fun,” shared Christian DeMeyer, math and physics teacher.

Teachers weren’t the only ones, however, demonstrating to the new students how fast things can go. Twelfth grader, Kate Suiter, 17, advised the ninth graders by sharing, “Do things you love. Don’t let your high school years just fly by.”  

Mae Alexander, 17 (on left) shares advice with Leia Cronin, 14.  . Staff and students race cars on first day at VRHS.  . "Alpha" leaders at VRHS give advice to incoming ninth graders.


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