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Be a D49 Parent Star

Be a D49 Parent Star 

Parent Star Program Working together with the Colorado Department of Education, we are inviting our parents, and any members of the extended D49 Family to join our team as guest teachers through the D49 Parent Star Program. 

If you are someone who likes working with kids, and have a flexible schedule, stepping in as a guest teacher in D49 is a great way to support our schools. It’s never been easier to earn some extra cash while stepping in to star as a guest teacher.

Right now we are looking to build a robust team of guest teachers.

The enormous challenge we face as educators during the COVID-19 pandemic is the disruption caused by precautionary quarantines that force our teachers and support teams to stay home. Simply put, if we do not have the staff to teach in person, we have to shut our doors and resume remote learning, a pattern that is unsustainable as we strive to deliver top-notch education at D49.

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