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“Ruckus on the Ranch” Spurs Reading at Springs Ranch Elementary School

Students at Springs Ranch Elementary School saddled up for a night of reading at “Ruckus on the Ranch” Sept. 26. The evening’s festivities included a staff skit, family reading time and the launch of the school book fair.

Principal at SRES shares a story with students at "Ruckus on the Ranch" Sept. 26.

“An event like this brings our community together,” said Jim Kyner, principal at SRES. “It’s about getting kids excited about reading, which is so important in education.”


Kyner read the book, “Pirates Versus Cowboys,” by Aaron Reynolds, to all students while teachers kicked up their heels in a live-action performance of the story. Many students who attended came dressed up in their choice of pirate or cowboy attire.


Different options were available for family reading time. Some students chose hard copy books. Others selected to read myON stories with laptops. The online reading program, myON, offers students stories that align with their own interests and reading level. After reading a story online, students can test their reading comprehension with a series of questions.


“We came tonight because we all love reading,” shared Justin Hall, SRES parent.


To end the evening, families packed the library to get a preview of the school book fair. More than 200 students and family members attended “Ruckus on the Ranch.”

Students at SRES read an online story at "Ruckus on the Ranch" Sept. 26.  . Staff at SRES play the roles of pirates and cowboys at "Ruckus on the Ranch" Sept. 26.  . Students at SRES come dressed up to "Ruckus on the Ranch" Sept. 26.

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