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Awarded for Capturing Kids' Hearts for Six Years

For the sixth consecutive year, Ridgeview Elementary School was named a National Showcase School by (@) Capturing Kids’ Hearts for “outstanding school administrators, teaching staff, and faculty for producing exemplary outcomes.” 

“Being recognized as a National Showcase School honors the work our staff, our students and our families do to build strong relationships, which is the foundation of everything we do at Ridgeview Elementary,” said RVES Principal Kim Moore.  

The Capturing Kids’ Hearts framework promotes school-based socio-emotional techniques to foster student engagement. The belief is once an educator has a child’s heart, the educator has a child’s mind. RVES began its Capturing Kids’ Hearts journey in 2015, meeting and surpassing benchmarks set forth in the relationship-based approach to learning created by the Flippen Group. 

“I was told that this year there were several schools that have been recognized in the past that did not earn the reward again this year, because they have raised the bar,” Moore said. “Ridgeview Elementary has managed to maintain that level and exceed the expectations for a National Showcase School for six years in a row.”

Moore said, “Capturing Kids’ Hearts is part of who we are as a school. It's about the staff and everyone recognizing the importance of solid strong relationships and how we build upon that foundation. It is our culture. Being recognized for that is affirming.”