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PPSEL Students Read Essays Celebrating School of Choice

Emma Howard Students were honored for writing outstanding school of choice essays during a recognition ceremony Jan. 30 at Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning in District 49.

During the school’s monthly community circle, several students read essays about why they chose the charter school, which offers an expeditionary learning curriculum to students in preschool through eighth grade. Principal Don Knapp said the assembly was held as part of National School of Choice Week, Jan. 25-31.

“First, you do lots of crafts,” said third-grader Cole Smith, 8. “We made clay fish in first grade. We also did origami in art. Next we do field work. We did an overnight trip. We went to the Denver aquarium.

“Last, we do unexpected expedition. We learned about business. You got fake money. We also learned about the pioneers, and that involved history.”

Sean Kosman Knapp watched everyone from the back of the school’s packed gymnasium, as students from all grade levels read essays about why the school works well for them.

“One of our goals is to make sure our students have the ability and confidence for public speaking, and this is an opportunity to do that,” he said.

“This superb school strongly encourages its peers to step out of the box and further develop their learning in a unique way,” said eighth-grader Sean Kosman, 13. “Teachers enroll students in a variety of activities that push them to work as a whole, not as a half.

“Some of these activities include interactive lessons taught in class that require a project to be completed at the end, or various field trips that require cooperation to stay in order.”

During the assembly, several students were also recognized for extended efforts during second quarter activities.

Dustin Senger