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FHP's Achievement Ceremony

Falcon Homeschool Program honored the part-time homeschool students that are moving forward at the annual Achievement Ceremony on Saturday, May 22.  

FHP certificates 2021

“It is a very small ceremony but very special,” said Sandi Heckel, FHP home-based education specialist.

Katie Boal and other staff members meet with the upper-class students to celebrate their achievements.  The students were presented with a completion certificate, certifying that they completed their FHP journey. The students also received a gift, and most importantly, their parents were able speak of how proud they are of their student.   

“It is usually a very special moment for the family, student, and staff members,” Heckel said.  

The 2021 students were Ben Wagner, 12th grader, and Emily Keiter, 10th grader.

FHP also recognized Bruce Jilek, Falcon Legacy Campus's Building Manager since he is retiring after this school year.   

“Bruce was extremely helpful when FHP was located at FLC and our staff wanted to show him how much we appreciated him,” Heckel said.


Wagner Family

Ben Wagner & his parents, James & Kristi Wagner, and his siblings.


Keiter FamilyEmily Keiter & her parents, Kevin & Jenni Keiter, and her siblings.


 Bruce and Sandi

Bruce Jilek with Sandi Heckel, FHP's Home Base Education Specialist


Photos provided by FHP.