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 D49 Earns Purple Star Designation for Support of Military Students and Families

School District 49 is honored to announce a new recognition of its robust support of military families, earning the Purple Star designation. As an added acknowledgment to the various approaches D49 takes to support a meaningful learning experience for military-connected students, the Purple Star designation places the district in a category of its own in the Pikes Peak Region and the state of Colorado. 

“This is a tremendous honor that validates our commitment to our military families,” said Alex Malone, D49’s Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC). “D49 has put years of work into developing firm foundations that create a welcoming and engaging environment for the students of our servicemen and women.”

The Purple Star designation launched in Ohio in 2017 as a grassroots effort to create a support framework for schools and school districts that serve military families and their children. Since its inception, eleven states and several school districts across the nation have adopted this programming. D49 meets all program requirements with existing resources, making it a perfect fit to receive the Purple Star designation. D49 is pleased to take a leadership role in its pursuit of the Purple Star affiliation, a first among school districts in the state of Colorado.

“We dedicate significant time and energy to create seamless transitions into new environments for military-connected students,” said Dr. Louis Fletcher, D49 Director of Culture and Services “With the coordination of Mr. Malone as our military family liaison and programs like Student 2 Student on multiple campuses, we ensure the school experience is great through their entire relationship with D49.”

“Attending school and starting fresh in many cities is a challenge unique to the military experience, and we recognize that,” added Malone. “We want our families to know immediately we can serve them and that they’ll find a welcoming environment where their students will succeed in their pursuit of an excellent education.” 

During its regular meeting Thursday, March 11, the D49 Board of Education officially adopted the Purple Star designation by way of resolution, affirming D49’s ongoing commitment and dedication of time, talent, and resources needed to D49 military-connected students and their families. In addition, the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is encouraging this effort for schools and districts to become early adopters, with the goal of inspiring states to do the same. If adopted at the state level, it could mean state funds to support military-connected students in districts with the Purple Star designation.

David Nancarrow