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Students Honor Supporters at Annual FVA Capping Ceremony

"I have always struggled with keeping my focus on furthering my education," wrote Jake Malicoat about his mom, Tracy. "Without my Mother to gently nudge me in the right direction at all the right times I would have never gotten to where I am today. I aim to continue to improve my education and my self as a whole to do her proud. I owe her everything, and that is why I have chosen her to be my capper today."
Malicoat and thirty-five other candidates for graduation at Falcon Virtual Academy, chose special people - parents, family members and friends to place the traditional graduation cap on their head May 1.
The mortar board, a remnant of the medieval scholar's costume, is an important academic symbol. In the capping ceremony, which precedes graduation at Falcon Virtual Academy, each member of the graduating class receives his or her cap, as a mark both of significant academic achievement and of a lifelong commitment to the love of learning.
"I chose you because you were quite fun to talk to and work with throughout my high school career and encouraged me regularly to pursue greater heights in my writing of which I am so fond of," wrote Johnathan Dillard about his capper, FVA teacher Jill Pellegrini, "Thank you enough for being such an amazing teacher."
Students chose a member of the Falcon Virtual Academy Faculty to read the comments about their capper during the ceremony.
Connor Colin chose his stepfather, Robin Selig to place the mortar cap on his head. "He changed his work schedule to the night shift so he could drive me to and from school," read FVA teacher Laura Isakson, "He would work a 12 hour night and then drive me to school despite being exhausted. He was always there to pick me up no matter what. Without Robin I would have never been able to come to FVA and none of this would have been possible."
Graduating seniors and honored guests enjoyed a hot breakfast burrito bar, pastries, coffee and juice prior to the ceremony. District 49 school board members Kevin Butcher and Tammy Harold, president, were in attendance. Falcon Virtual Academy commencement ceremonies will be held at the school May 15.

Matt Meister