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Students Study Drumming Basics, History

Musician Bob Hall, a guest instructor from Think 360 Arts, taught eighth-graders drumming basics Feb. 9 at Falcon Virtual Academy in District 49. Hall was a guest instructor in Adrianne Ryland’s class, where he spoke about the about the influence of drums in music and history.

“You just want kids to get a different perspective on their history,” said Ryland, who wanted to bring more culture into her classroom. After a quick Google search, she found Hall, who had been drumming for 37 years.

“To see the rhythm, the sounds and the pattern—it all relates to everything they’re working on in school,” said Hall. “You have math—you’re counting the beats, you can divide the beats, you can multiply the beats. There’s history here. Everything is tied together.”

After explaining the impact of drumming during times of slavery, Hall said, “It’s good to hear that people are doing projects about Black History Month here at Falcon Virtual Academy.”
Kayla Maldonado