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'Time' on Display at Third annual Sand Creek Zone Art & Design Expo

Artwork from students at all five Sand Creek Zone schools was on display during the third annual zone art and design expo, Dec. 3. This year's theme, "Time," allows students to celebrate the beauty of physics with art, music and writing.
Hundreds attended the event, where student work from grades K-12 was on disply. Horizon Middle School students exhibited plans for time machines, jewelry inspired by ancient cultures, and graffiti drawings that compare mid century text with modern contexts. Remington Elementary School students displayed song quote paintings, interpretations on Salvadore Dali's "Persistence of Memory" with melting click sculptures. Springs Ranch Elementary School students showed paintings of time related to music. Evans International Elementary School learners contributed interpretations of the masters. Sand Creek High School students createdt ceramic time capsules, 3D drawing machines, photography, exposure light-graffiti, and info graphics about time. 
Visual art teachers across the zone are committed to engaging the community and connecting with local agencies and non profit organizations. Individualized educational experiences were showcased in the event, with proceeds benefitting the zones art programs. 
Matt Meister