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Bookmobile Brings the Library to Students

Students in English Language Learner classes eagerly entered the PikesStudents look at a library book Peak Library District bookmobile outside of Springs Ranch Elementary School April 9.They returned books and searched for new stories to take home. “They have been so excited,” said english language development teacher Linda Hagedorn.
The bookmobile, which is open to the community, parks outside of the elementary school for ELL students every two weeks. “We have a fabulous library, this just an extension of that,” said Hagedorn. She explained that families do not always have time to visit the public library, so this is an opportunity for students to check out books with their own library card. They can also borrow books written in their native language.

Bill Wheeler, public service specialist for Pikes Peak Library District, patiently helped students find one or two books they were excited to read.

“This is worthwhile. There’s nothing you can do better than allowing [a child] to check out their own book,” he said.
Kayla Maldonado