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Rush In Joy With Santa’s Toy Express

Santas Toy Express Santa's Toy Express focuses on on forming 49 exceptional experiences, mostly for children 4 to 8 years old, recommended from the district’s elementary schools in northeast Colorado Springs and the Falcon area of El Paso County. After receiving a warm breakfast, children board buses with sponsors and travel a mile east to Wal-Mart with gift cards. Many join Santa Claus in singing Christmas carols along the way. To keep Santa’s Toy Express exciting, the district’s transportation team strives to collect $6,000 in donations each year. They coordinate themed potlucks to raise roughly $1,500, and shop year-round for seasonal discounts and clearances.
RJ Berry, Santa's Toy Express Founder

“We help families with special circumstances,” said RJ Berry, who started Santa’s Toy Express 14 years ago with several coworkers. The event continues to help children from families facing job losses, terminal illnesses, parent deaths and other troubles. Learn more about Santa's Toy Express in District 49 on CNN iReport.
Dustin Senger