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Watch DOGS Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) is a one-of-a-kind, school-based father involvement program that works to support education and safety. As a program of the National Center for Fathering, it's involved in more than 4,000 schools in the United States, China, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Barbados. In Colorado, there are 142 Watch DOGS schools. Who are Watch DOGS? Fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer to serve at least one day a year in a variety of school activities as assigned by the school principal or other administrator. For more information, visit

Bruce Hicks, Grandparent
“I feel it’s up to the parents, especially the dads, to be protectors of the kids,” said Bruce Hicks, while patrolling recess activities and occasionally speaking softly to a child looking sad.

“I look for kids who are alone on the playground, and I tell them, ‘let’s go get you some friends.’ … I don’t like bullies, so I try to be the opposite.” Hicks said he wants more parents involved at Falcon Elementary School of Technology—“the more , the better”—explaining the administration is uniquely friendly and approachable.

“This is one of the best schools out there to get involved—some dads get more involved in the classrooms; I do more patrolling,” he said. “If you can just give a day, or every day, or every other afternoon, it’s great. … I’m loving every minute of it—you couldn’t keep me away from here.”
Dustin Senger