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Joy Of Singing Heard At Annual Elementary Choir Festival

Piper Tanner, fourth-grader, performs 'Be Our Guest' with the Woodmen Hills Tornado Choir to open the District 49 Elementary  "It's wonderful hearing what the other schools are doing," said Melissa Ellenburger, music teacher at Woodmen Hills Elementary School. Students from seven District 49 elementary campuses performed for each other April 27.  The Elementary Choir Festival, a long-standing tradition in District 49,  is an opportunity for school chorus groups to sing for each other as the school year begins to draw to a close.
Shawn Escobar, a fifth grade student at Stetson Elementary, had one of the highlight moments of the show. Escobar grabbed the microphone for a solo rap at the end of the Raider Choir's performance of 'Pizza Love.'
"Shawn wanted to pass it off, but was encouraged to do it," said Stetson Elementary music teacher Becca Garner, "We held auditions and the choir chose him. I think the students liked it!" 
Evans International performs Jump by Kirs Kross as other students join in. Another highlight moment occurred during the Evans International performance of the 90s pop classic Jump by Kris Kross. Evans students left the risers to get into the audience as the other district choirs joined in jumping as the song ended. 
District 49 Elementary Choir Festival Program
Woodmen Hills Tornado Choir ... Melissa Ellenberger
Be Our Guest
Ridgeview Husky Choir ... Andrea Aragon
I Was Here
Meridian Ranch Bulldog Choir ... Craig Phipps
Jim Along Josie
Springs Ranch Bobcat Choir ... Nancy Ehrhardt
Give Love
Three Cheers For America
Stetson Raider Choir ... Becca Garner
Pizza Love
Imagine a World 
Evans Wildcat Choir ... Sarafina Bailey
Odyssey Major Choir ... Joanie Chapman
I Love the Mountains
Combined District 49 Choirs
It's All About Music 
Matt Meister