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Teacher-Volunteer Team Keeps Kids on Track

Diana Coe
Diana Coe volunteers in a second grade classroom Nov. 4 at Stetson Elementary School in District 49. Since moving to the area more than two years ago, Coe has volunteered two days per week at the school.
When she first visited as a caring community member, she approached the front office and said, “I would like to make a difference in kids’ lives.” She was paired with fifth grade teacher Nicole Blanc, and the partnership was so successful Coe followed her as she transitioned to second grade classrooms.
“She’s a great teacher,” said Coe. “She’s concerned about every student.” Coe hopes grandparents, retirees and community members with spare time consider volunteering, interacting with students and supporting education, adding “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
Blanc said her students benefit from the teamwork, suggesting “she’s helped my kids who struggle with reading to work independently."
Kayla Maldonado