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Stetson Elementary School Students 'Canstruct' An End To Hunger

Stetson was recognized as a high performing school during the 2013-2014 harvest of Love food drive.
"I'm very proud of the heart of the schools and the willingness of the kids to participate in these initiatives," said Stetson Elementary School assistant principal Kathleen Granaas. Granaas and school counselor Stephanie Jannicola accompanied several fourth and fifth grade students to the 'Canstruction' event at Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado on October 29.
Stetson was invited to the event as a result of being a high performing school in the Pikes Peak region during the annual fall food drive during the 2013-2014 school year.
Haley Hunter concentrates as she collaborates with team members. Fourth grade student Haley Hunter said, "It makes me feel happy that I get to be here and meet other kids while letting people know that some families are hungry and need food. We need to help them." The students partnered with representatives from other high performing schools across the Colorado Springs metro area, working together to build pieces of art out of food items stored at Care and Share.
"Philanthropy can be such an adult concept. These kids are experiencing it in a fun way," said Lynn Telford, Care and Share executive director, "They know the food they are using could be on a table tonight." Telford explained that one in four children in southern Colorado don't have enough food. "This is kids helping kids. The energy is great and it's contagious."
Baylea Larson and her team used canned goods and boxed food items to create an architectural masterpiece. "It feels good. Working together and doing a charity event is a two in one," said fifth-grader Baylea Larson, "We're learning how to use team work and at the same time help kids that are hungry."
Stephen Jannicola reaches for cans during the 'Canstruction' event at Care and Share Food Bank.
Fifth-grader Stephen Jannicola challenged the District 49 community during this years Harvest of Love that continues until Thanksgiving, "You need to get involved and donate!" 
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