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Falcon High Class of '19 Soars into New Season of Life

At 1:00 p.m. Saturday, May 25, more than 260 Falcon High seniors walked together for their last assembly as FHS students. In flowing robes of green and gold, the class of 2019 strode single-file to find their seats for a commencement ceremony at the Broadmoor World Arena. FHS Seniors walk to their seats for graduation ceremony May 25 at Broadmoor World Arena


“To the class of 2019, congratulations,” began Falcon Zone Leader Sue Holmes at the start of the event. “Enjoy today’s ceremony and celebrate it, as it marks the completion of one phase of your life and the beginning of the next.” 


At the request of FHS Principal Cheryl Goodyear-DeGeorge, the senior class stood at their seats to take part in a traditional element of the FHS graduation ceremony. She asked students to sit when she called out how long they attended school in the Falcon Zone. “If you started as a senior, please be seated,” she instructed. Gradually the FHS principal whittled down the group to a selection of students who started their academic journeys as kindergarteners in the Falcon Zone. 


“Many of our students spend their entire career in the Falcon Zone, and we love the sense of family that comes with that,” Goodyear-DeGeorge explained.


Salutatorian Austen Brewer encouraged her classmates to consider their post-graduation journey similar to their time at FHS. “Let’s reflect on the good of being a freshman in high school,” she said, and then added, “Yeah, I can’t think of anything either.” Austen continued by reminding her friends life will have “a whole lotta” freshman years, inspiring them to accept and overcome difficult challenges. 


The ceremony featured musical performances by the FHS Wind Ensemble and FHS Chamber and Show Choir sandwiched in between speakers. FHS Valedictorian Johnathan Nordby stepped to the podium with the final remarks for the ceremony. 


“I personally believe this generation has more potential to change the world that we live in than any other generation before us,” he said, explaining the potential current students have in working with technology and the innovations they may yet develop. “You continually learn and strive to be better, and that’s what makes this class so special to me.” 


Johnathan concluded with a final piece of advice for his classmates. “Ultimately, you are responsible for what you’ve done in this life whether good or bad,” he said. “It’s your choice. It’s your life. Make it a good one.” 


When all seniors had diploma in hand, the FHS class of 2019 stood together, and walked out as graduates. 


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FHS grads prepare for ceremony May 25 at Broadmoor World Arena  FHS Valedictorian Johnathan Nordby speaks to the class of 2019   FHS Grad hugs a friend after graduation ceremony May 25  View the D49 FHS Graduation 2019 album on Facebook

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