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MRES First Graders Get Down To Action

Mrs. Catron practices the fireworks celebration with first-grade students at Meridian Ranch Elementary School.
"Yes, they are action words!" Mrs. Catron, first-grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary School, responded to Adrian Acevedo's description of a verb on the third day of school.
The vibrant classroom was filled with students acting out verbs they identified in sentences and shared stories of their summer activities focusing on the use of verbs. Jordin Briggs (pictured in the striped shirt) said, "Because it helps us read," when asked why the class was learning to sound out and use words. 
The class also spent some of Tuesday morning, August 4, learning classroom celebrations that will be used through the year to celebrate individual accomplishments as well as class achievements. Celebrations ranged from the roller-coaster and the trucker to fireworks. 
Matt Meister