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FESoT Students Have Fun With Annual 'Hawk Challenge'

Students at Falcon Elementary School of Technology participated in the annual Hawk Challenge April 15 in District 49.

The challenge, offered twice per school year, is an enrichment opportunity open to all students at the elementary school. Students chose from 11 mini-classes, each offering a unique activity focused around the book “Charlotte’s Web.” Activities included “pig” races, pie making and a spider web challenge.

“[The students] love to be at school on the challenge day,” said Melissa Ardolf, physical education and technology teacher.

Each family was given a copy of “Charlotte’s Web” to read in 12 weeks for the One School, One Book club. Families will enjoy a picnic-style dinner and watch a film adaptation of the story April 29 to celebrate the completion of the book as a school.
Second-grader Presley Schlegel, 8, creates a “pop-up pig.
Preschoolers Caleb Grenier, 5, and Shane Davies, 6, create a barn with LEGO bricks   Fifth-grader Taylor Chambers, 10, and fourth-grader Hannah O’laughlin, 10, prepare for a “pig” race. Kindergarteners Rhyland Moffitt, 7, and Jaylynn Campbell, 5, create a spider habitat.  First-grader Whitley Linscott, 7, creates a spider habitat. Kindergartener Cottrell Caldwell, 6, creates a spider with snack materials.
Kayla Maldonado