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SCHS: Gathered together one last time!

Sand Creek High School celebrated its graduation on Thursday, May 25, at UC Health Park. The Class of 2023 and their family and friends heard words of encouragement and words to help them define themselves. 


Emma Teeples, Senior Class President, reminded her classmates that perseverance and patience were keys to discovering who you are as an individual as you take on the world. 

Arianna Reynolds’ improvised standing ovation brought laughs, but it was her emphasis on the importance of being your true self as you strive for your goals that received applause.

Gabriel Mejia shared the advice his father gave him, that character and competence are the two essential attributes one could possess. 

Karla Sanchez said her only regret of high school was not enjoying it more. She encouraged her classmates to celebrate their individual successes, to be proud of themselves, to live for themselves, and to make their lives their own. “Make it yours.”

Sarah Garcia-Temple, SCHS English teacher and the senior class selected speaker, told the students you can’t rush things that you want to last forever and good things take time and hard work. Because main-character energy is built on taking care of yourself, setting boundaries, caring for others, being an ally and respecting others. 

Principal Amy Sanchez-Martinez closed out the speakers with these words, “We are gathered together one last time to celebrate our accomplishments.  Today should not be the last day to walk across a stage. We should be able to celebrate your growth and your achievements your entire life. Each and every one of you is on a path to glory. I want this to be one of many milestones on your journey.”

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