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Scorpion Class of ‘22 Ready for Next Chapter

The Sand Creek High School Class of ’22 gathered together on May 28 at UCHealth Park to receive their diplomas and celebrate the completion of their K-12 educational journey.

SCHS graduates receive their diplomas on May 28.

Class speakers and school leaders shared remarks with a common thread for this year’s graduates: Believe in yourself, and go write your next chapter in life.

Delia Case, class president, was first to address the 260 graduates. “When I look across this sea of cardinal, I am filled with hope and faith that this class has and will continue to endure and survive every day.” She also shared words of gratitude for the Sand Creek High School staff who helped everyone in her class make it to graduation day.

The graduates voted on one staff member to offer words of wisdom to the class as they depart Sand Creek. James Bowers, social studies teacher, was the selected team member, and he encouraged the young men and women to create their own “I Have” story. “Today as you walk across the stage and start new, you get to write your adult story. How would you like your story to go?” he asked. “Dr. Martin Luther King said, ‘I have a dream.’ Today, start turning your dreams into ‘I have … ‘”

“Will you someday say, ‘I have been a doctor, a lawyer or mechanic?’ Or ‘I have traveled to the Philippines, Guam or San Diego?’ Or ‘I have stood arm in arm in defense of our great country?’ How will your story go?”

Before diplomas were presented and the crowd had their chance to cheer on loved ones walking across the stage, Campus Director Amy Sanchez-Martinez wished the Class of ’22 well as they begin to write their next chapter. “You are only starting your journey of greatness. As you embark on the next leg of this journey, please remember how much you are loved and treasured at Sand Creek High School. We expect you to take your education and utilize it to make the world a better place. We also expect you to continue growing and learning … I stand in front of you proud, humbled and of few words today … you are unstoppable.”


Graduate applauds speaker on graduation day.. SCHS leaders present diplomas at graduation.. Hugs on graduation day.. Delia Case addresses the Class of '22 as class president.

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