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WHES Students Rock Music, Physical Fitness Program

Music and P.E. class melodiously blended together at Woodmen Hills Elementary School Jan. 22. Melissa Ellenberger, music teacher, and Joel Patton, health and P.E. teacher, merged their areas of instruction to bring cardio drumming to the school throughout January. Cardio drumming combines musical lessons with physical activity.

Teachers at WHES playing on cardio drums Jan. 22.


“We saw the Drums Alive program at a leadership conference and were inspired to bring something similar to WHES,” stated Ellenberger. “Kids get to learn about musical framing and patterns, by hearing it and feeling it,” she shared.


This is the first year for the program at WHES. To purchase the balls and buckets to create the drums, Ellenberger and Patton needed $1,000. That’s where the Falcon Education Foundation stepped in and offered the school a grant to purchase the materials.


Cardio drumming teaches rhythmic moves to many Kidz Bop songs including favorites like “The Gummy Bear Song.” “I had that song in my head all during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend,” said Ellenberger.


Christopher Rodgers, 6, kindergartner at WHES was excited to learn the moves and noted, “It was easy to learn them. It wasn’t hard.”


Woodmen Hills Elementary School has been recognized by the State of Colorado as a Healthy Schools Champion three years in a row. “This fits right in with our wellness efforts,” remarked Kathy Pickering, principal. “It supports both students and staff.”


Parents and school staff had a chance to watch students and play the cardio drums, too. “This activity is awesome,” shared Samuel Thurman, WHES dad. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Lillian Luchte, 6, kindergartner, shows her style during a drum ball session at Woodmen Hills Elementary School, Jan. 22.   Staff give cardio drumming a try at Woodmen Hills Elementary School, Jan. 22.  . Logan Berumen, 6, kindergartner, joyfully learns the rhythms of cardio drumming at Woodmen Hills Elementary School, Jan. 22.  

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