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Falcon Education Foundation Awards $31,000 For Learning in District 49

Falcon Education Foundation directors awarded 43 mini grants to educators across District 49 to fund unique learning opportunities as part of the Nov. 9 Fantastic 49 celebration ahead of a Board of Education meeting.

“The Falcon Education Foundation is a community-led volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the students and staff in District 49,” said Kayla Maldonado, FEF vice-president, prior to presenting the grant awards.

“Each year, we raise funds to support unique learning opportunities across the district that wouldn’t otherwise be possible through the normal funding means,” said Maldonado.

Funds are raised primarily through an annual awards and fundraising banquet held in April.

“We encourage businesses, business and community leaders, and all residents to support District 49 through the Falcon Education Foundation,” said Maldonado. “You can learn more about the foundation and our 2018 banquet and auction at


Project Title Amount School Instructor(s)
A Paleontologist's Adventure $449.85       MRES        Margaret Stanley
Developing 21st Century Skills Through Play $665.76 SES Erin McGovern
Curation, Collaboration, and Celebration $890 VRHS Michael Hoffman
ACCESS and Prepare Curriculum for Social $326.12 SMS Kista Rauer
Can You Hear Me Now? $191 OES Amanda Bower
Enhancing Spanish Acquisition $360 HMS Madison Stuart
Next Gen Photos and Videos $313.67 PPEC Jimmi Wright
Drums Alive! Brings Music and PE Together $1,000 WHES Melissa Ellenberger
and Joe Patton
Skeleton in the Choir Room $150 FMS Emily Callahan
Mini Golf Course $1,000 FMS Jedd Sims
Hawk Quest Educational Experience $500 RES Stephanie Peterson
SPED Help in Preschool $987.46 WHES Kari Roberts
IXL to Target Student Needs in Science $986 HMS Mickelle Spendlove
Bring Imagination to the Life with Robots $683 OES Mollie Garrett
Good Reads, Good Deeds $540 OES Amy Willis
Healthy Clean $1,000 HMS Willian Yerger
First Responder Project $1,000 HMS William Yerger
Zapped (Fundraising Tool) $1,000 HMS William Yerger
Earth, Wind, and Rain Barrel $303.08 SES Matt Monfre
High School Buddy Program $650 SCHS Krystle Jankovsky
Light Up and Build $932.81 OES Kristi Guinn
All Remington Reads - A Novel Event $836.60 RES Carolyn Leyes
Engineering & STEM Tools for Girls $671.54 ALLIES Stephanie Hazelton
3Doodlers for Young Creators $798 ALLIES Stephanie Hazelton
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here $524.73 SES Matt Monfre
Mindup Program for FESoT $36 FESoT Christine Perrizo
Bringing Music to Life with a Rehearsal Piano $1,100 HMS Melanie Hawthorne
Coding with the Kano Motion and Pixel Kits $990 SSAE K-5 Teachers
Zap It! Exploration through Experiementation $832.18 MRES Merry Monk
Good to the Last Drip $1,078 SES Matt Monfre
STEM in the Stream $1,000 PHS Paul Austin
23 and Me $1,000 PHS Paul Austin
RVES Loves Literacy $900 RVES Mary Beth Vander Molen
Hand to Mind: Math Manipulatives $467.94 RES Lori McCoy
Little Raiders Love to Move, Move, Mooove! $379.96 SES Lanee VanSant
Irrigation System in a Box $1,000 FHS Dave Kranz
Ceramics for Real Life $865 VRHS Brandon Ager &
Lynn Williams
Coding to Learn $960 SSAE Joshua Wixom
Using Educational Escape Rooms FOR Learning $450 FHSP Sandra Smith
Making Heroes $700 FESoT Michael Roth
Building Inspiration for Elementary Engineers $915.20 WHES Mary Hopper
Gotta Catch 'Em All! $614.75 RVES Victoria Villescas
Math Mastery Bags $878.71 RVES Jessica Orinak
Matt Meister