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Kindergarten Kicks off at WHES

Lauren Besler guides kindergartner class Parents and kindergarteners flocked to Woodmen Hills Elementary School Aug. 1 to kickoff their 2017-2018 school year for a special welcome day.

“We’re thrilled to start a new year and serve new families and the families we’ve served before,” said Principal Kathy Pickering.

Teachers, counselors and other staff members greeted the excited families with open arms and guided tours. “I’m excited to meet parents today and I feel just as excited as a kindergartener because our teachers are rock stars!” said Sherese Taylor, counselor.

Parents lined up early in the morning and were taking every opportunity to get their first day of school pictures. Giovana Silva, 5, said she was “super excited” to start school today.

“I’m nervous, but since she’s coming back home this afternoon it won’t be so hard,” said Giovana’s mom, Vania. “I feel a good vibe here and I’m happy I’m only five houses away and can walk her to school every day. “


Students creating nametags  Lauren Besler reading to class

Samantha Dosen