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Students Paint With Local Artist

 First-graders Christopher Lacombe, 6, and Francesca Rodriguez, 6, paint flowers. Janie Knickerbocker, retired teacher and professional artist, taught a lesson in watercolor to students Sept. 16 at Woodmen Hills Elementary School. Kerri Hite, art teacher, requested that Knickerbocker guide her classes in the use of the medium.

Students painted flowers seen in Colorado for their pieces, which will be featured in the school’s November art show. Hite said that she wasn’t taught by a professional artist until she was taking college courses, so she wanted to give her students that opportunity at a younger age. “It gives them a different perspective,” she said, explaining that her teaching style varied from Knickerbocker’s.

“This is strictly creative,” said Knickerbocker. “It’s a way [for students] to explore who they are, and identify who they are.” She explained that the lesson taught students spacial relationships, color and proportion.
Knickerbocker projected her work onto a large screen so that students could easily understand her direction.

After students’ pieces were placed in a rack to dry, they drew other types of flowers with pencils and paper.

Hite hopes that the lesson will show students that a career in the art industry a possibility. “The sky is the limit,” she said.


: First-grader Nyah Campbell, 6, paints a flower.  Jani Knickerbocker, retired teacher and professional artist, helps first-grader Ella Pitre, 6.   First-grader Luca Lorenz, 6, draws a flower.   Kerri Hite, art teacher, helps first-grader Kenna Abbot, 6, place her painting in a drying rack.



Kayla Maldonado