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Always Moving Forward: Congratulations PHS Class of 2023

Patriot High School families and staff celebrated 30 graduating seniors at the PHS campus on May 19.  PHS principal Steve Gard was the keynote speaker for the event and was greeted by appreciative applause.

“Your journey will be filled with triumphs and challenges,” said Gard.  “Celebrate your achievements and the remarkable individuals you’ve all become. Embrace your strengths and use that to uplift those around you.”

Student speakers gave heartwarming and inspiring speeches about accomplishments achieved at PHS with the help of friends, family, and staff. “I’ve met some of the bravest people here at Patriot,” said graduate Jordyn Tapley. “ I appreciate everyone because I didn’t think I would make it this far…so be sure to thank those who helped you get here.”

Fellow graduate Elizabeth Early shared with the audience that her mother passed away while Elizabeth began PHS, she thanked her classmates and teachers for their overwhelming support. In remembering her mother’s support, Elizabeth said,  “I know there is someone special who also helped all of you get there today, and I hope you thank them.”

Among the graduates honored today was Soul Gerrish, who graduated a year early as a junior. “Soul has never missed a credit, she’s never been behind, and she’s a tremendous student. At the end of the ceremony, Gard also remarked on the tremendous support students have given each other in this class.  “I’m proud of you all,” said Gard, “take what you have learned and go forth and make a difference!”

Congratulations to the PHS Class of 2023.

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Amy Bremser