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MRES Celebrates Creatures Big and Small

MRES band members playing instruments


Meridian Ranch Elementary School’s “Start the Art” night hosted on Jan. 31, 2018 presented over 3,400 pieces of artwork in the theme of Animal Menagerie.


Students from kindergarten to fifth grade worked on multiple pieces of art that were showcased during “Start the Art” night. Inspired by the work of Eric Carle, art teacher, Cathy Cave, used pieces of Carle’s book to stimulate creative pieces of art showcasing a diverse group of animals with imaginative twists.  


Each hallway had themed artwork hung on the walls where visitors were able to observe with musical accompaniment pipped through the halls from band students. “We’re nervous but excited because it’s our first time participating,” said Callie Hansen, 10, fifth grade band student.


“All creatures are great no matter how big or small,” said Cave. “We’ve been working for over four months, and I see 750 students at least once a week to work on this art presentation. It’s been great to see how hard they’ve worked.”


“I love this show, every year,” said Heather Kaufman, with her sons, Ethan, 9, fourth grade and Declan, 6, first grade. “Our kids love showing us what they’ve been working on.”


Students guided parents and family members through the halls and proudly stood by their artwork. “I’ve never been to this event, but I’m really enjoying it,” said Kayla Jones, 7, second grade.


“Our art teacher and students have done an incredible job producing thousands of art pieces,” said Margaret Stanley, gifted and talented teacher. “We have some great artists here and students love it along with parents, our community and teachers.”


Cathy Cave, art teacher  MRES artwork  MRES student standing next to self portrait

Samantha Dosen