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MRES Students, Staff Salute Military with Veterans Day Celebration

Students and staff hosted a special Veterans Day assembly Fri., Nov. 10 at Meridian Ranch Elementary School. The gymnasium was packed as military parents and community members attended to honor those who have served. Approximately 40 percent of all families at MRES are military.

Students salute military during song at MRES Fri., Nov. 10.


Festivities were kicked off with a Boy Scout troop posting the colors, which was followed by guest speaker, Melissa Dashner, military student transition consultant.


Dashner shared a video about the history of Veterans Day and had a few questions for students. “How many of you have parents in the military?” she asked. “How many of you have friends who are in a military family?” Dashner’s message was clear in teaching students that nearly everyone has a connection to those who serve.


The celebration included a performance by MRES fourth graders, which was directed by Craig Phipps, music teacher. The performance included singing classic American-themed songs, a Native American flag dance and a lively Armed Forces medley.


Once the patriotic show was complete, veterans and family members were invited to participate in an “American Walk.” Students lined the hallways to applaud military guests who made their way through the school.


One honored guest was Cpl. William Antrim, who served in the Army during World War II. Antrim was escorted through the hallways by Merry Monk, his granddaughter and MRES fourth grade teacher. “This was the best part of my day,” he shared.


Antrim wasn’t the only veteran who felt special, thanks to the MRES community. “I’ve done 25 years of service,” shared Lt. Col. Rickie Banister. “And I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Kindergartners salute flag during national anthem Fri., Nov. 10 at MRES.  . Student folds flag after dance on Veterans Day at MRES Fri., Nov. 10.  .Military dad is honored for Veterans Day at MRES Fri., Nov. 10  

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