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Students Surprised by Mom's Early Return From Deployment.

U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Dorothy Anderson-Burrs, was greeted by her husband, Robert, Aug. 7 at Peterson Air Force Base after returning from a seven month depolyment from Qatar.

He told her that she had somewhere to be. A special surprise reunion was set up Meridian Ranch Elementary School because her daughters didn't expect her home until the end of the month.

“I came up with the idea because I wanted to recognize my wife because of all the service she does for our country,” said Robert Burrs.

Mr. Burrs and the school coordinated a reunion during an art class. Students were told that a renowned artist had traveled the world and was going to share experiences with them.

Eliana Burrs, third-grader, appeared puzzled when she heard who the special guest speaker really was. When she saw her mom, she jumped from her seat and sprinted into her mom's open arms.

Eliana's sister, Eve, was called over to the class from Falcon Middle School for the special surprise. Their older brother was present too.

“When you do get home, these are the times that make all the difference in the world," said Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs. "It makes a difference to be able to come back to your kids, come back to your husband, come back to a community that supports you so much.“

The moment served as a reminder of the sacrifices all men and women who serve make every day.

“Stay encouraged," said Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs, speaking to others serving away from their family. "A lot of times, we lose sight as to why we are there, but family is one thing and reason to get you through it. It’s one thing that’s gonna bring you home.”

A family dinner was at the top of their list for of things to do after being reunited.

Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs is part of the 21st Space Wing, 4th Space Control Squadron (4SPCS).

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