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MRES Students Run for Funds

Meridian Ranch Elementary School students participated in an Apex Fun Run fundraiser Sept. 15, where they received pledges or flat donations for completing each lap. Profited pledges will be used to build a track behind the school.

Apex Fun Run team members “Rockin’ Ryan” and “Jurassic Jessica” hosted the activities. Using the framework called LEGEND — an acronym that stands for learn, engage, give, empower, never quit, and do —  they taught six days of lessons leading up to the run. “The lessons are really important,” said Ryan. He explained that the team teaches students that they’re valued. “You may not be fast, you may not be strong…but you have something to contribute,” he said.

This is the second year the fun run has been held at the school. “The kids get excited about it,” said Edward Kulbacki, acting principal.

Apex Fun Run team member “DJ KB Clutch” blasted music on speakers as students ran around two ad hoc tracks behind the school. Staff and volunteers logged each lap with a marker on the back of students’ Apex Fun Run shirts.
Parents and siblings offered high-fives and cheers of encouragement to the runners.

Rob Burrs, parent, said that the run  “promotes wellness,” and allows students to see the feats of their hard work.

“[The kids] get super excited about it. They love that they get to run,” said April Standerfer-Holtz, parent. She explained that the event allows students to actively take part in the process of raising funds for the school. “The harder they work, the more they can raise,” she said. “They get to participate.”


Kayla Maldonado