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You Did It, GOAL Graduates

District 49 wrapped up the 2023 graduation season on June 2 with graduates from GOAL High School taking the stage at the Broadmoor World Arena. Nearly 280 graduates from the school’s Colorado Springs Region participated in the ceremony.

GOAL High School, a charter school in D49’s portfolio of schools, combines online learning and individualized in-person support with more than 30 drop-in centers across the state. The ceremony in Colorado Springs was one of 13 this year to honor more than 1,100 graduates.

Student speakers McKenna Riddle, Mackenzie Bishop and Jonathan Virgil spoke about how the unique approach of GOAL High School, along with support from family and friends, helped them on their journey to graduation.

The final student speaker Erialys Oyola-Ortega applauded the Class of ’23 by saying, “We did it,” and invited fellow graduates to mark their milestone from senior to graduate by moving their tassels.

D49 and GOAL leaders and board members were on hand to extend their congratulations to the Class of ’23. “While these ceremonies last for an hour, the accomplishment of graduating from high school is going to last a lifetime,” shared Constance Jones, chief executive officer of GOAL.

You made it, GOAL High School graduates! District 49 wishes you all success on life’s next adventure.

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Amy Matisek