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Student Board Hosted BOE Forum


As we enter the campaign season, the D49 Student Board of Representatives pursued the chance to get directly involved in the election process, welcoming prospective members of the D49 Board of Education to a student-led candidate forum Monday, September 18. 

Our thanks to the four (of six) candidates who participated in the event:

Candace Lehmann - Director District 2
Marie Levere-Wright - Director District 3
Mark Cravens - Director District 3
Note: As of Wednesday, Sept. 27, D49 has learned that Mark Cravens has withdrawn as a candidate for the BOE election. Due to the timing, his name may still appear on the ballot.  
Mike Heil - Director District 5 

The candidate forum provided valuable learning experience for participating students as well as a first opportunity for our community to meet the individuals running for three open seats on the BoE. 

Prior to the event, candidates answered written questions submitted by the SBOR which were available for review by the audience. The BoE candidates' answers are here

School District 49 actively encourages students to participate in the SBOR, an opportunity unique to D49. Meeting monthly with the superintendent and BoE president, the assembled SBOR effectively serves as D49’s student voice in the work and learning of district leadership. The BoE welcomes two members of the SBOR to sit at the dais at each scheduled BoE meeting, and provide direct feedback to BoE discussions and decision making.