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D49 Applauds Employees of the Year

Awards with a personalized message and shirts with special honoree logos awaited 67 staff members at the District 49 Employees of the Year Celebration at Creekside Success Center on May 25.

Staff from the iConnect Zone are honored at the Employees of the Year Celebration.

District leaders joined in the festivities to share remarks from each honoree’s nomination, and members of the board of education were present to congratulate each team member. “As we are gathered here together, we are exemplifying our vision to be ‘The Best Choice’ and our mission ‘To Learn, Work and Lead,’” said Peter Hilts, chief education officer. “I am super excited about the people we will feature tonight. When I look at our cultural compass, I love the idea that these people exemplify our values of care, respect, teamwork and innovation. These are the people that bring those ideas to life … we will celebrate the best of us, but the best of us inspire all of us.”

In its second year, the event is becoming tradition with an honoree list that includes Teachers of the Year; Support Stars, which include roles such as custodians, paraeducators and secretaries; and Service Stars, which represent positions such as school psychologists and counselors. Honorees were nominated by their supervisors or school principals.

Congratulations to the following staff members who were honored as Employees of the Year for 2022.

Staff from the Falcon Zone are recognized during the Employees of the Year event.

Service Stars & Staff from Individualized Education:

  • Angela Adame, school psychologist at Falcon Middle School & districtwide—Service Star
  • Ryan Can, occupational therapist at Ridgeview Elementary—Service Star
  • Madeline Smith, speech language pathologist at Falcon High & Falcon Elementary—Service Star
  • Nicole Garcia, school counselor at Falcon High School—Service Star
  • Katy Swann, school counselor at Pikes Peak Early College & Springs Studio—Service Star
  • Jennifer Williams, school counselor at Skyview Middle School—Service Star
  • Deborah MacGregor, early childhood administrative assistant for individualized education—Support Star
  • Cindi Baumgardner, Pinnacle teacher at PEAK Education Center—Teacher of the Year
  • Olga Snowberger, paraeducator at PEAK Education Center—Support Star

Teachers of the Year & Support Stars from the Sand Creek Zone:

  • Jenna Whitson, kindergarten teacher at Evans Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Pam Traylor, attendance secretary at Evans Elementary—Support Star
  • Linda Todd, second grade teacher at Remington Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Connie Shackelford, early childhood special education teacher at Remington Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Cheri Stevens, kitchen manager at Remington Elementary—Support Star
  • Misty O’Connor, third grade teacher at Springs Ranch Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Charlotte Cosentino, paraeducator at Springs Ranch Elementary—Support Star
  • Whitney Apodaca, social studies teacher at Horizon Middle School—Teacher of the Year
  • Karin Pearce, program-based paraeducator at Horizon Middle School—Support Star
  • Daniel Evans, band/instrumental music teacher at Sand Creek High School—Teacher of the Year
  • Mikala Patterson, special education paraeducator at Sand Creek High School—Support Star
  • Clinton Branham, lead building manager for Sand Creek Zone—Support Star

Teachers of the Year & Support Stars from the Falcon Zone:

  • Sabrina Tester, first & second grade teacher at Bennett Ranch Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Kacey Stovall, special education paraeducator at Bennett Ranch Elementary—Support Star
  • Carolyn Jones, fifth grade teacher at Falcon Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Christy O’Hare, building administrative assistant at Falcon Elementary—Support Star
  • Jamie Calhoun, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Tina Stanfield, library media paraeducator at Meridian Ranch Elementary—Support Star
  • Elizabeth Marshall, kindergarten teacher at Woodmen Hills Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Lee-Ann Wiseman, special education paraeducator at Woodmen Hills Elementary—Support Star
  • Beth Rohr, seventh grade reading teacher at Falcon Middle School—Teacher of the Year
  • Brenda Fields, special education paraeducator/records clerk at Falcon Middle School—Support Star
  • Alyssa Ramirez, English teacher at Falcon High School—Teacher of the Year
  • Suzie Santistevan, special education paraeducator at Falcon High School—Support Star

Teachers of the Year & Support Stars from the POWER Zone:

  • Beth Drake, math professor at ALLIES—Teacher of the Year
  • Jacque Chavez, paraeducator at ALLIES—Support Star
  • Sarah Ramirez, culturally & linguistically diverse education teacher at Inspiration View Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Reed Williams, roving substitute at Inspiration View Elementary—Support Star
  • Kim Escobido, culturally & linguistically diverse education and gifted & talented teacher at Odyssey Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Christine Makowsky, general education paraeducator at Odyssey Elementary—Support Star
  • Andrea Sharketti, first grade teacher at Ridgeview Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Shannon Cruz, behavior support paraeducator at Ridgeview Elementary—Support Star
  • Stephanie Foley, preschool paraeducator at Ridgeview Elementary—Support Star
  • Linda Sanderson, BASE49 site lead at Ridgeview Elementary—Support Star
  • Suzanne White, special education resource teacher at Stetson Elementary—Teacher of the Year
  • Suzanne Pence, behavior paraeducator at Stetson Elementary—Support Star
  • Tony Marino, physical education teacher at Skyview Middle School—Teacher of the Year
  • Scott Headlee, affective needs paraeducator at Skyview Middle School—Support Star
  • Theresa James, social studies teacher at Vista Ridge High School—Teacher of the Year
  • Jeremy Dreher, custodian at Vista Ridge High School—Support Star

Teachers of the Year & Support Stars from the iConnect Zone:

  • Stacy Kley, kindergarten/first grade enrichment teacher at Falcon Homeschool Program—Teacher of the Year
  • Rachel White, receptionist/health room assistant at Falcon Homeschool Program—Support Star
  • Rob Eggert, science teacher at Patriot High School—Teacher of the Year
  • Courtney Beatty, choice and success advisor at Patriot High School—Support Star
  • Kathy Jackson, English teacher at Pikes Peak Early College—Teacher of the Year
  • Brittany Bertolini, elementary teacher at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence—Teacher of the Year
  • Jessica Watson, science teacher & lead mentor at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence—Teacher of the Year
  • Cathy Toffel, administrative assistant at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence—Support Star
  • Jane Cummings, charter school specialist for iConnect Zone—Support Star

Support Stars from Operations Office:

  • Chris Campbell, school bus driver in transportation department—Support Star
  • Paula Dailey, nutrition assistant in nutrition services department—Support Star
  • Brian Martinez, armed school security officer in safety & security department—Support Star
  • Westly Smith, grounds technician in facilities department—Support Star

Support Stars from Central Office:

  • Debbie McClintic-Hall, system administrator in data & performance department—Support Star
  • Olga Resnick, payroll technician in business office—Support Star
  • Wendi Sidney, administrative assistant in learning services department—Support Star
  • Mary Velasquez, IGNITE project manager in culture & services department—Support Star
  • Amy Matisek, internal communications manager in communications department—Support Star

Service Stars are celebrated during the Employees of the Year event.. Employees from the Sand Creek Zone receive accolades at the EOY event.. Operations team members receive honors during the EOY celebration.. Central office team members are recognized at the 2022 EOY presentation.. Plaques and pullovers await the 2022 Employees of the Year.. Employees of the Year were celebrated on May 25.. Decadent dessert await event attendees.

Amy Matisek