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D49 Needs More Substitutes

Looking for Parents to Step Into Starting Roles

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The enormous challenge we continue to face as educators during the COVID-19 pandemic is the shortage of substitute, or guest, teachers. When teachers and support teams are encouraged to stay home when sick, District 49 schools are often in a position where we simply don't have the help we need to maintain in-person learning.

Don't be discouraged, because you can help!

We are inviting parents, and any members of the extended D49 Family to join our team as guest teachers through the D49 Parent Star Program.

If you are someone who likes working with kids, and are in search of a job that allows you to work as many hours as you choose, stepping in as a guest teacher in D49 is a great way to support our schools. Guest teachers can earn up to $180 per day!

Photo of Julie Bartschi

Hear from Guest Teacher Julie Bartschi

"I used to work in accounting for 70+ hours a week ... going to school at the same time to earn my degree just didn't work. It's been such a learning experience that has taught me to humble myself, and after I earn my degree, I plan to come back and keep doing it because it's so much fun."

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