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Boo to the Flu

UPDATE: All Boo to the Flu sessions for this year have been cancelled due to inclement weather in the forecast. Be sure to visit local pharmacies at Walgreens or King Soopers, or your individual healthcare provider to receive your flu shot this year. You can also visit the D49 Student Based Health Center at Falcon Elementary.

Join D49 in saying Boo to the Flu. Flu Vaccines provided by King Soopers Pharmacists. (Accepting Tri-Care and most insurances, including Anthem Blue Cross/Shield) available for ages 9 years and up. 

Sand Creek High - Oct. 28 - 4-7:30pm **NOTE** Sand Creek High School clinic cancelled Monday, Oct. 28. 
Falcon High- Oct. 29 - 4-7:30pm
Vista Ridge High- Oct 30 - 4-7:30pm

The D49 Student Based Health Center (located at Falcon Elementary School is always available for flu vaccine Mon- Fri, 8am-4pm, even over Fall Break!