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Falcon Middle School Students Have Stellar Learning Experience

Firebird Nation students looked to the skies from the baseball field and stadium Monday, Aug. 21 as they witnessed the solar eclipse. The spirit week theme of the day said it best – “Shine Bright.” Staff offered many different opportunities for the children to “shine bright” as they learned while having fun viewing the unique event.

Kylie Kletschka, 14, eighth grader on left and Connor Stallings, 13, eighth grader watch the solar eclipse Aug. 21 at FMS.

Eighth graders used certified safe solar eclipse shades. Sixth and seventh graders used tried-and-true methods like a pinhole in a piece of paper and viewing glasses made out of boxes.


“Being a former science teacher, I love this,” said Brian Smith, executive principal, Falcon Middle School, Firebird Nation Campus. “Kids need to do science, and this is a great opportunity.”

The morning included charting the outside temperature during the time leading up to the peak moment. “I’m going to learn about temperatures and how they’ll change,” stated Jayden Lusk,11, sixth grader. “Recording temperatures today is my job. ”

Jayden Lusk, left, and Tank Temple, both 11, sixth graders, study temperature change during solar eclipse Aug. 21 at FMS.


Students also created flip books to represent the celestial sight they were watching. Writing teachers like Julie Hall were planning to incorporate the event into their classroom assignments.


“This is a huge learning opportunity for the kids,” Fawn Copeland, science teacher, shared. “So much of space, they can’t normally see. Now they can make a connection between space and real life.”


Students who were participating in the historic occasion were equally impressed. “The eclipse is so very beautiful,” said Laney Alvey, 12, sixth grader.

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