College Courses in D49 High Schools

    AGB102 Fdns of Agribusiness X      
    ANT1001 Intro to Anthropology X   X  
    BIO1111 College Biology X      
    COM1150 Public Speaking   X X X
    EMS1015,1021,1022,1023,1024 & 1070 Emergency Medical Serv. X      
    ENG1021/1022 English Comp I, II X X X X
    ENG1031 Technical Writing     X  
    HIS1210 US History to Reconstr.     X  
    HIS2145 US History 1945 to Present X X X X
    HUM1015 World Mythology X X X  
    LIT1015 Intro to Literature X   X X
    MAT1140 Career Math     X  
    MAT1240 Math for Liberal Arts   X    
    MAT1340 College Algebra (LRL) X X X X
    MAT1440 Pre-Calculus       X
    NUA1001,1070,1071 CNA X X    
    PHI1012 Ethics X X X X
    PSY1001,1002 Intro to Psychology I, II X X X X
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