D49 Motor Team

  • Motor Team consists of occupational therapists, physical therapists and adaptive physical education teachers.  All of these therapists support student’s abilities to access the learning environment.

    Occupational Therapist: School-based OT is designed to enhance the student's ability to access the learning environment and might include working on fine motor skills so the child can complete written assignments, helping the child organize himself or herself in the environment (including work space in and around the desk), working with the teacher to modify the classroom and/or adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation. https://www.aota.org/about-occupational-therapy/patients-clients/childrenandyouth/schools/schools.aspx

    Physical Therapist: School-based PTs work collaboratively with a student’s IEP team and participate in screening, evaluation, program planning, and intervention. They design and implement physical therapy interventions to  assist students in accessing school environments and to achieve their IEP goals https://www.apta.org/advocacy/issues/idea-and-essa 

    Adaptive Physical Education: The Adapted Physical Education (APE) teacher is an educationally trained professional who is able to assess individual students and develop, adapt and implement specialized physical education programs in the motor domain.

    Team Leads: Julie Can and Ryan Can


Julie Can
Special Education Motor Team Co-Lead
Ryan Can
Special Education Motor Team Co-Lead